Thai Cosmetic Surgery and why it is Rightly Justifiable to undergo it in Thailand

The entire global plastic and cosmetic surgery industry is booming with yearly procedures averaging at 23 million. Despite all the bad rap it has been receiving recently, the industry has tremendously grown and even has a legion of clients today.
According to, the most sought after surgical services are a nose job, a tummy tuck, ear pinning, and breast augmentation. This tallies with their findings that women make up a more significant majority of those seeking the services at 86%.
However, there’s an unbelievable trend taking place. Forget about the fact that the average age for cosmetic surgery seekers is getting younger; the traditional most-frequented destinations are losing their crown to newcomers.
Thailand for Plastic Surgery
A couple of years ago, a humongous majority of all cosmetic surgery procedures were associated with Hollywood stars. Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose in Costa Rica were the go-to destinations. And those who flew in mainly sought the services to enhance their looks, achieve younger, sexier postures and generally look more youthful for a fortune.
Today though, all roads lead to the more exotic cities, including Bangkok, Rio, Seoul and a Turkish city called Dunyagoz. The new move is greatly motivated by the stellar services guaranteed at a fraction of what the legendary institutions usually charge.
Ideally, a plethora of reasons, including social stigma, the allure to look flawless on social media and the need to look confident is forcing them to travel outside America. And medical tourism, as the practice is famed, is growing tremendously today with those seeking the services no longer going for it for the glamor alone.
In Thailand, most of those seeking the services come from as far as America. And their reasons vary, from going under the knife to cut the excess fats to correcting physical imperfections. Interestingly, the procedures are no longer reserved for the moneyed as even students, and the average in the society now afford it.
Highly Experienced Surgeons
The country has lots of clinics and cosmetic surgeons trained abroad. These specialized surgeons perform almost every form of plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty (nose job), breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, and neck lift. The practice is risky, of course, and sometimes the procedure goes awry leading to permanent deformities and death.
Fortunately, Thailand registers relatively fewer mishaps, a fact that has seen the country’s reputation soar higher and higher. All institutions offering the services are also strictly vetted by the globally-acclaimed strict standards in plastic surgery watchdog, Joint Commission International.
If you are thinking about undergoing the procedure, make sure to choose the right Thai facility.
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